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Wood Grades

The appearance of wood will be unique to each individual species. Each will have a different color, grain, and physical characteristics. You can learn more about each of these factors in the Species Gallery.

Besides the unique look of each species of wood, the appearance of your hardwood floor is also determined by the grade and cut of wood.

Wood Grades

Simply put, Wood Grade refers to how much (or how little) of the natural characteristics of real hardwood flooring such as knots, wood tone variation, mineral streaks, etc appear in your floor. Grades range from a Clear Grade that is very uniform and consistent to a Rustic Grade that contains a beautiful array of character.

Clear wood has minimal character marks and a uniform color and appearance.


Select wood has natural color variations and includes knots, mineral streaks, and other natural characteristics.


No. 1 Common has a varied appearance, light and dark colors, knots, mineral streaks and wormholes.


No. 2 Common is rustic in appearance and emphasizes all wood characteristics of the species.